The California Symphony’s Music in the Schools Program

Music in the Schools pic
Music in the Schools

A former captain with the United States Air Force, Mike Elmore serves as the principal, CEO, and president of Sun Mountain, LLC, a California-certified DVBE company based in Walnut Creek. Dedicated to helping his community, Mike Elmore supports such organizations and entities as the California Symphony.

Recognized for its high-quality concert programs, the California Symphony maintains several music education programs that are known across the country, including its Music in the Schools (MIS) program. This program has been operating since 1992 and primarily serves students living in Contra Costa County. Throughout the years, the organization has helped over 75,000 kids experience and learn about music through interactive performances.

The MIS program serves up to 3,500 students each year. Through the program, four ensembles visit participating schools and showcase different instrument groups found within the orchestra. These groups include brass, strings, woodwinds, and percussion. To augment this, teachers are also given student workbooks that are developed specifically for students between first and fifth grade. These workbooks supplement learning within the classroom and extend the MIS program beyond its ensemble visits.

Schools within Contra Costa County who want to participate in the MIS program can contact the operations and education director, Sunshine Deffner. The program strives to selects a different school within the county to participate in the program every year.


California Symphony Performs Beethoven’s 4th Symphony for First Time


California Symphony pic
California Symphony

Since 2014, Mike Elmore has served as CEO and president of Sun Mountain, LLC, based in California. Outside of his professional life, Mike Elmore enjoys many styles of music including classical. Mike is a supporter of the California Symphony.

Under the hand of fourth-year music director Donato Cabrera, the California Symphony recently held its first-ever performance of Beethoven’s widely lauded Symphony No. 4. The ensemble also treated fans to a rendition of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 23, which was elegantly performed by pianist Maria Radutu. The Romanian-Austrian pianist has appeared as a solo artist in many renowned venues across the globe, including the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein, the Great Hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus, and the Salle Gaveau in Paris.

The kickoff piece for the night was a number entitled “Peace Love Light YOUMEONE” by Christopher Theofanidis, a Grammy-nominated composer and former composer-in-residence of the California Symphony.

The ongoing 2016-2017 season marks a milestone for the California Symphony, as it celebrates 30 years of performing classical and American works for its patrons.