Role of a Construction Project Manager

Construction Project Manager pic
Construction Project Manager

Previously a civil engineer officer in the US Air Force, Mike Elmore founded Sun Mountain LLC, a California-based business committed to offering professional opportunities to US veterans. Mike Elmore’s company specializes in providing research, engineering, and infrastructure and operational security planning to construction firms. Another core competency of Sun Mountain’s team includes construction project management.

Construction project management follows the same phases of project management in other industries, but also requires extensive knowledge of the construction industry. Essentially, the job of a construction project manager involves ensuring that the project adheres to its timeline and budget. The project manager must also make sure that the construction work is done in line with relevant building codes.

Before starting any construction work, the construction project manager must review the proposed project to set out all phases of the work to be completed. The project manager must also analyze and mitigate risk in the project, from site conditions and worker safety to public regulations and environmental concerns.

When the building begins, the project manager remains on site to supervise construction workers, and is often involved in hiring and terminating workers and obtaining the tools and equipment needed to complete the project. The project must be reviewed on a daily basis to ensure it is running according to plan, as running past the deadline can incur hefty financial penalties. This requires the project manager to be adaptable so that he or she can make changes to the work plan to get the project back on track.